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Edwards Refrigeration has earned a reputation as one of Los Angeles’ top ice maker repair Los Angeles  companies

Edwards Refrigeration has worked long and hard to earn a reputation as one of Los Angeles’ top ice maker repair companies with factory certified technicians capable of working on all domestic and foreign ice makers, refrigerators and other cooling appliances. Edwards Refrigeration is expert in the installation and repair of all indoor and outdoor freezers, icemakers and cooling brands from Amana to Subzero and all brands in between.


Edwards Refrigeration keeps your icemaker in optimal operating order to ensure ice is colder, perfectly formed and ready when needed

Typically, when you purchase an ice maker you expect years of flawless service, then something happens. Your ice maker starts sputtering, produces less ice, makes watery ice or sometimes goes into ice making overdrive. Edwards Refrigeration knows that these are more than petty annoyances, they are disruptive to a household, particularly in warmer months when there is a greater demand for chilled beverages, or, when you are entertaining more.

A properly functioning ice maker is a necessary item in any home’s kitchen. Not only is ice a staple to any kitchen or bar, a properly functioning ice maker contributes to reduced energy when ice makers and other cooling appliances maintain consistent temperatures. Edwards Refrigeration is highly familiar with all Energy Star requirements in cooling and refrigerated appliances and knows exactly what to check to ensure optimized cooling and freezing.

With proper care and scheduled maintenance, there is no reason why your ice maker cannot last ten years or more. Regular troubleshooting by Edwards Refrigeration can extend the life and increase the efficiency of your ice maker, making it as functional as it was on the first day it was installed.


Ice maker isn’t working? Edwards Refrigeration offers emergency ice maker repair with same-day appointments

Edwards Refrigeration knows that every household likes to have a functioning ice maker. To serve homeowners in the Los Angeles area, Edwards Refrigeration has expert ice maker repair technicians on staff 24/7 for those emergencies that can crop up at the most inconvenient of times. Edwards Refrigeration can provide same day expert care in most instances for installation, troubleshooting or emergency repair of your ice maker or other cooling appliances.


Edwards Refrigeration can immediately address any problem with your ice maker. If you observe any of these symptoms, it is time to have your ice maker checked.

he following are common symptoms of a ice maker that needs immediate servicing:

  • Ice is unclean
  • Ice maker no longer makes ice
  • Ice is unevenly shaped or smaller than usual
  • Ice is clumpy
  • There is a foul odor every time you open ice maker
  • Your ice maker is leaking
  • Icemaker continues to produce ice
  • Your ice maker makes softer ice
  • Your ice maker makes unusual noises
  • Seal around ice maker door is weak
  • Thermostat does not reflect correct temperature


Edwards Refrigeration can start and complete ice maker repair on the spot on the same day of visit

Edwards Refrigeration can effect ice maker repair on the spot in that our technicians carry replacement parts for all major cooling and freezing appliances on their trucks. In the case of European appliances, many parts are stocked in our Edwards Refrigeration warehouse or can be obtained quickly by our office staff that works in close collaboration with our appliance repair technicians who are in the field.

With Spring and Summer right around the corner, Edwards Refrigeration know that ice makers will have to work harder to keep our customers, their family and guests continually refreshed. In order to get ready for warmer weather and expanded entertaining, there is no time like the present to call Edwards Refrigeration for a quick check of your ice maker and other cooling and freezing appliances.


Work and materials are always 100% guaranteed by Edwards Refrigeration

Edwards Refrigeration work is always 100% guaranteed. It is Edwards Refrigeration practice to closely check wires, thermostats and all other refrigerator components every time we install, troubleshoot or repair ice makers. You can always rely on our expert appliance repair technicians to explain any problem in detail along with a full description of work that needs to be effected to repair your ice maker or other appliance. In addition to a verbal explanation, Edwards Refrigeration always provides customers with a detailed work order and money back guarantee.

Edwards Refrigeration is always available to inspect your other household appliances during ice maker repair at no additional cost.

In addition to expert repair of ice makers and other cooling appliances, Edwards Refrigeration is trained in repair of all other home and commercial appliances. For all appliance repair, installation and troubleshooting needs, know that Edwards Refrigeration is also expert in servicing freezers, refrigerators, stoves ovens, ranges, microwaves and other home appliances.


Edwards Refrigeration guarantees arrival of its expert appliance technicians within 30 minutes of scheduled appointment

Edwards Refrigeration enjoys a superior reputation among home appliance repair companies with some of the best technicians in Los Angeles among the ranks of their employees. Arrival of your ice maker repair technician is guaranteed within 30 minutes of time communicated to customer and all repairs are 100% guaranteed. Edwards Refrigeration technicians are licensed, bonded and insured and hold advanced certifications in most major brand appliance repair.

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