Los Angeles Oven Repair. TEL: 310.289.8668

Los Angeles Oven Repair and Service. Tel: 310.289.8668

Edwards Refrigeration is one of Southern California’s top Los Angeles oven repair companies  serving the greater  area

Edwards Refrigeration enjoys a wide-reaching reputation as one of Los Angeles’ foremost oven repair companies with factory certified technicians expert at repair of ovens and other cooking appliances. Whether heated by gas or electricity, Edwards Refrigeration, is highly familiar with all major oven brands in commerce today.

Your oven is complicated with many moving parts where one small thing can trigger larger malfunctioning which is why it is critical to have a oven expert such as Edwards Refrigeration repair your oven the first time around.

Edwards Refrigeration oven repair technicians are expert at repair of brands including but not limited to GE, Whirlpool, Viking, GE and all major European oven brands.


Edwards Refrigeration keeps your oven and other cooking appliances in tip top shape to ensure safety and energy efficiency

Nothing is more appealing than the smell of something delicious baking in the oven. Sometimes wear and tear cause a simple thing such as thermostat, valve or regulator to go out that can trigger a number of oven problems.

Whether gas or electric, Edwards Refrigeration, can ensure that your oven is in perfect working order. Because of the intrinsically dangerous nature of a oven itself, it is highly recommended that householders call an appliance technician, such as Edwards Refrigeration, when oven repair is needed.

Warning: If you smell leaking gas, immediately contact your utility company, as your first call as this could be life-threatening. The next call should be to Edwards Refrigeration, to assist you with immediate repair of your oven.


Edwards Refrigeration can immediately address oven related issues. If you observe any of these symptoms, it is time to have your oven checked.

  • Oven does not bake properly
  • Electrical system malfunctions
  • Gas does not ignite automatically
  • Thermostat in oven is faulty
  • You notice a burning smell when you are not using the oven
  • You notice clicking noises when oven is not in use
  • Heating is uneven
  • Your oven takes too long or short to bake
  • Your food is unevenly baked
  • It becomes impossible to shut off your oven
  • Digital display is reflects an error message


Trend to repair rather than replace ovens and other appliances is part of a global tendency toward sustainability

Edwards Refrigeration has observed homeowners are leaning toward the practice of sustainability. By reducing major household expenditures and repairing appliances rather than replacing, householders are saving money and being kinder to the environment by holding on to ovens and other appliances longer and opting to repair rather than to replace them.

With regular troubleshooting by Edwards Refrigeration, your oven and other appliances enjoy a long life in perfect working order. Edwards Refrigeration can make your appliance investment last upwards of 10 or more years, keeping your appliances working as well as they did on the day they were first installed.


Edwards Refrigeration offers emergency service and expert oven repair with same-day appointments

Edwards Refrigeration knows that a household with a broken down oven is hard pressed to function properly. To serve homeowners in the Los Angeles area, Edwards Refrigeration has expert oven repair technicians on call for those emergencies that can crop up at the most inconvenient of times. Edwards Refrigeration can provide same day expert care in most instances for installation, troubleshooting or emergency repair of your oven or other kitchen cooking appliances.


Edwards Refrigeration can effect oven repair during the same day of visit

Edwards Refrigeration can typically repair your oven on the spot as our technicians carry replacement parts for all major oven brands on their trucks. In the case of European appliances, many oven parts are stocked in our Edwards Refrigeration warehouse or can be obtained quickly by our office staff that works in close collaboration with our oven repair technicians who are in the field.


Work and materials are always 100% guaranteed by Edwards Refrigeration

Edwards Refrigeration work is always 100% guaranteed. It is Edwards Refrigeration practice to closely check wires, thermostats and all other oven components every time we install, troubleshoot or repair a oven. You can always rely on our expert oven repair technicians to explain any problem in detail along with a full description of work that needs to be effected to repair your oven. In addition to a verbal explanation, Edwards Refrigeration always provides customers with a detailed work order and a money back guarantee.

Edwards Refrigeration is always available to inspect your other household appliances during oven repair at no additional cost. In addition to expert repair of your oven, Edwards Refrigeration is trained to service dryers, cooktops, ice makers, stoves, ranges, microwaves and all other home appliances.


Edwards Refrigeration guarantees arrival of its expert appliance technicians within 30 minutes of scheduled appointment

Edwards Refrigeration enjoys a superior reputation among home appliance repair companies with some of the best technicians in Los Angeles among the ranks of their employees. Arrival of your refrigeration technician is guaranteed within 30 minutes of time communicated to customer and all repairs are 100% guaranteed. Edwards Refrigeration technicians are licensed, bonded and insured and hold advanced certifications in most major brand appliance repair.

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