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Today we would like to give you important information released by the US Consumer Product and Safety Commission.

Tips on Checking your Range’s Stability

Since 1991, voluntary standards have required new ranges to be supplied with an anti-tip bracket. It is typically a fork-shaped piece of metal that attaches to where the floor and wall meet behind the range, but it can also be a metal bracket that is attached to the wall. Both types are designed to prevent the range from tipping forward.
Check with your owner’s manual for directions on how to properly install the anti-tip bracket for your range. There are several safe ways to check if the anti-tip bracket is installed correctly.

The first way is without moving the range.

  1. Remove all items from the inside and on top of the range.
  2. Make sure the oven, the range top, and the oven drawer are cool prior to placing hands on the appliance.
  3. Pull the bottom drawer out completely. Shine a flashlight under the stove, and you should be able to see the back feet of the range, one of which should slide into the bracket.
  4. If you don’t see a bracket under the range, check behind the range. Shine a flashlight behind the range, and you should see a bracket attached to the wall.

Another way is to slide the range slightly away from the wall.

  1. Make sure the oven and the range top are cool prior to placing hands on the appliance.
  2. Carefully slide out the range from the wall approximately three inches.
  3. Look behind the range from both sides to see if there is a metal bracket attached to the floor or the wall.
  4. If you can see the bracket, your anti-tip device is installed. When you slide the range back, be sure that the range is engaged to the bracket. Either one of the rear legs will engage with the floor bracket, or the rear of the range will align with the wall bracket. After visually checking to make sure that your range has an anti-tip bracket, check to make sure the bracket is installed properly.
  5. Remove any pots, kettles, or other items from the stove top. Make sure the oven and the range top are cool prior to placing hands on the appliance.
  6. Grasp the back of the range and try to tilt it toward you. If it tilts more than an inch, the range is not engaged to the bracket, or the bracket is not attached properly. If you do not feel comfortable performing this check, contact an authorized appliance service technician, and arrange for them to conduct this verification.

If your bracket is missing or not working, it is very important to repair or replace it.

  • If your range was manufactured after 1991, contact your appliance retailer, property manager, or home builder and specifically request the anti-tip device to be installed. You can also check with the manufacturer for a replacement anti-tipping bracket and instructions for correctly installing the bracket.
  • If your range was manufactured before 1991, check with the manufacturer of the range to see if they offer a retrofit anti-tip device for your range.

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